Get Fit with the Academy and Hit the Gym!

The High School Students Hit the Gym

The students at the Academy continue to make great strides in learning functional skills at the gym to help them be successful in the world after graduation. Most kids with learning disabilities or developmental delays don’t feel comfortable or socially accepted in group sports and other physical activities. The students at the Academy, however, are facing the challenge head-on during their weekly workouts at the J in Chesterfield.

Students at the gymEach class will be completing workouts each week tailored to their specific fitness level and capabilities. On their first visit, the students met the 2 personal trainers that they will be working with for 9 weeks and completed simple workouts. The trainers assessed what the students were capable of and now have a baseline for the beginning of this program.


Rope work at the gymEach week, the workouts will change and increase in difficulty as the students learn the routine of each physical activity and become stronger, more flexible, and self-confident in the gym.

Medicine ball toss at the gym


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