Student & Parent Resources

The Academy’s Parent-Student Handbook is signed by all parents and students before the school year as part of their enrollment or re-registration. This Parent-Student Handbook is provided as a guide to maintaining an academically sound and formative learning environment in accordance with the Academy of St. Louis’ mission statement.

This year, the school supply list can be found on Amazon.  All items on this year’s school supply list are conveniently available from Amazon for a quick and easy errand accomplishment. If you order through and designate Academy of St. Louis as your charity, Amazon will donate a percentage of the sales from your order to the Academy with no additional cost to you.

All our uniform pieces can be found at Just Me Apparel uniform store.  PLEASE NOTE the differences between the required pieces and optional pieces.

ASTL Resources

The Academy of St. Louis provides each student with a safe and nurturing environment, individualized and challenging curriculum, social integration skills and faith formation.  We want to provide a transparent learning system that our parents and families can participate in to give our students a calm and cohesive learning environment.  Our families stay well informed through consistent communication from the teachers, weekly updates from the school, and our resources page.  We list our events, handbook, supplies, uniform guidelines, and updates through our resources tabs.  We are always updating these resources, so please check back with us here for more information on our current events!