Academy of St Louis

The annual Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $29,000.

Annual $750 non-refundable registration fee is due at enrollment.

Annual $250 technology fee


No family pays the full cost of the Academy of St. Louis education, which includes teachers certified in special education, integrated speech/language, social skills groups, small class sizes, transition services, and an individualized approach for each student.


The Academy of St. Louis hosts an annual dinner auction in the spring. We ask our families to
participate in this event to bridge the gap between the cost of educating each student, $35,000, and the tuition charged.

Family Fundraising Contribution Options

Regarding the Family Fundraising Contributions, we agree to the following options:
Family Fundraising Contribution Option #1: Participate in the Family Fundraising Contributions.
Family Fundraising Contribution Option #2: Buy Out of the Family Fundraising Contributions.

Tutions Options

Pay in Full by July 15th, 2024

Monthly tuition payments of $2,900 by the 15th of each month starting July 15, 2024, and ending April 15, 2025

*After registration, if the student withdraws from the school, there is a three-month tuition charge.

Financial Aid

The Academy of St. Louis is a tuition-based school that offers financial assistance based on each
family’s need and funding availability. We are committed to offering access to quality education to
all students who are a good match for our school. The Academy works with each family to determine
an individualized tuition plan based on income, assets, debts, and other expenses. The amount of
assistance available is dependent on funds available each year. Families interested in our
individualized financial aid should request the Academy of St. Louis Financial Aid form. Financial aid
applications are accepted along with the student’s application to the Academy or immediately
after. Families must reapply for financial aid every year.

MO Scholars K-12 Scholarship Program

The MOScholars K-12 program was established by the state of Missouri in 2021 to provide scholarships of up to $6,375 for eligible families, allowing them to seek alternative education for their children at a private school.

Academy of St. Louis partners with the Today and Tomorrow Educational Foundation to provide these scholarships to eligible students. Students MUST live in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St.Charles County, or Jefferson County and can qualify to receive these funds in two ways:

  • A student is income-eligible and has attended public school for at least one semester in the past
    12 months.
  • Any student, regardless of income, who has a current IEP issued in the last 36 months from their
    public school district.

Most 529 Plan

Typically used for college expenses, the MOST 529 tuition savings program was expanded in 2018
to allow families to save and use funds in their accounts toward tuition costs for grades K-12.
Families can contribute up to $16,000 ($8,000 for a single filer) to a state-run investment account
and deduct any contributions from their Missouri taxes. These investments grow tax-free over time,
and up to $10,000 per calendar year can be used toward tuition costs at private K-12 schools.
Contact your tax advisor for more information

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