St. Louis School for Learning Disabilities

St. Louis School for Learning Disabilities

We provide individually designed curriculum to meet the needs of students with learning differences while challenging them to attain their highest potential.

The curriculum at the Academy of St. Louis promotes an understanding and retention of attainable, challenging goals applicable to individual students while providing them with the tools to accomplish these goals.

  Updated Curriculum

updated August 2017


   The Academy implements an individualized program that meets the needs of each student based on grade level and ability. For this reason,  the curriculum is designed to each student while developing an understanding of concepts, computations, problem-solving, personal finance and consumer math. Additionally, we use a variety of materials to provide a balanced approach with hands-on opportunities and guided instruction that move students from the classroom to real world applications.  Then, there’s also opportunities for one-on-one specific instruction is provided as necessary as the students move through the more advanced curriculums of Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, and Trigonometry.  

English Language Arts

   Academy Language Arts Courses prepares students for college or career with the instruction of necessary life skills, such as writing composition, reading comprehension, and public speaking. We invoke an individualized program to meet the needs of each student by working in small groups, participating in classroom discussions, and the use of Chromebooks. Additionally, our American and World Literature courses focus on grammar usage, research projects, listening abilities, vocabulary expansion, and fluency.  


Science courses at the Academy include:

  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences

    Students will learn through hands-on projects and experiments of relating investigative science skills to the real world.  In these courses, we promote many development skills, such as note-taking, understanding, and interpretation of graphic materials, problem-solving techniques, scientific experiments, critical thinking, and reasoning, which aids the development of an understanding of the world around us.

Social Studies:

    Our Social Studies Courses promote the development of note-taking, understanding, and interpretation of graphic materials, critical thinking, and reasoning, which aids the development of an understanding of the history of the world around us. As a result, these courses focus on Current Events, Government, Geography, U.S. History, and World History. Students will explore both past and present events, and come to understand how each can effect and change the world around us through the use of technology and hands-on materials and projects.  

Physical Education

    Our Physical Education Courses are to improve a student’s individual skills involving strength, physical endurance, and coordination. Because we encourage individual improvement, our curriculum focuses on each student’s individual abilities and goals.  Therefore, we accomplish this through on-campus instruction and off-campus personal training.  Overall, our intention is to instill a lifelong appreciation for physical fitness, maintain healthy habits, and develop a positive self-image.  


    Our Religion Courses promote an understanding of the Catholic Faith and the love of God, others and oneself.  This instruction includes attending Mass weekly, completing service projects, and learning the lives of the saints.  Most importantly, each student is encouraged and aided in accepting themselves as a true gift from God and accepting the path that God has designed for them.  Students will also have the opportunity to prepare for the Holy Sacraments.  Even more, this instruction provides a positive school community and education of sound moral values for all faiths.  

Social Skills:

    At the Academy, Social Skills are the foundation of a student’s education.  Our students are prepared with a number of social strengths, such as coping skills, etiquette, life skills and social interaction skills. Also, they are given leadership opportunities according to their ability levels.  Each child deserves the opportunity to establish self-confidence in a safe, nurturing environment.  These skills are brought to the forefront of our student’s daily schedules. We not only work on these skills in a classroom setting but also in all interactions throughout the school day.


At the St. Louis School for Learning Disabilities, we offer the following electives to meet the 24 credits necessary for graduation:  

  • Foods & Nutrition
  • Technology
  • Career Planning
  • Transitioning
  • Neuro/diversity
  • Music
  • Art
  • Personal Finance
We’re proud to be the St. Louis School for Learning Disabilities

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