Affording The Academy of St Louis

    The Academy of St. Louis is a tuition-based school that offers financial assistance based on the family’s need and fund availability. We are committed to offering access to quality education to all students who are a good match for our school. Through our fundraising efforts, all families receive financial aid and no family pays the full cost of their child’s education.  We do not offer merit-based scholarships or financial aid, and we do not offer transportation for our students to and from school. We work together with the student’s family to create an individualized financial plan for tuition payments. A number of funds given to the families at the Academy each year dependent on funds and scholarship donations by our benefactors.

    Families interested in financial aid should request the Academy of St Louis Financial Aid form. Financial aid applications are accepted at the same time as a student’s general application to the academy or immediately after. Families must reapply for financial aid every year as our financial aid funds change annually with benefactor donations.  If financial aid is not requested, tuition payment for the family will be $19,000 for the school year.  

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